Fulfillment Policy

Description of Services

Trade Tech LLC offers advanced AI services through a subscription model. Our primary product is an AI agent designed to interact with customers on behalf of businesses, providing customer support, information, and engagement. These AI agents are customizable and can be integrated seamlessly into various business operations to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Refund Policy

Customers are eligible for a refund under the following conditions:

  • If the AI agent service is not functioning as described, customers can request a refund within the first 30 days of subscription.

  • Refunds are not available for monthly subscriptions beyond the first month.

  • To request a refund, please contact our customer support team at onboarding@tradetech.ai with your subscription details and the reason for the refund.

Delivery Policy
Since our services are entirely digital, there are no physical goods to be shipped. Upon successful subscription, customers will receive access to the AI agent services within 24 hours. All necessary integrations and configurations will be completed by our team in collaboration with the customer within 48 hours of subscription.

Return Policy

Given the nature of our digital services, returns are not applicable. However, we offer a comprehensive onboarding and trial period for new customers to ensure satisfaction with our AI agent services. If any issues arise, our support team is available to assist in resolving them promptly.

Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel their subscription under the following conditions:

  • Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time, with the service remaining active until the end of the current billing cycle.

  • To cancel a subscription, please contact our support team at onboarding@tradetech.ai

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding our fulfillment policy, please contact us at:
Trade Tech LLC

Email: onboarding@tradetech.ai

Thank you for choosing Trade Tech LLC for your AI service needs. We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience and support.

Our Wallet API Privacy Policy is designed to assure our customers that their personal and financial information is respected and protected at all times.

  1. We collect and process only the minimum amount of information necessary to provide our Wallet API services, and we never share this information with third parties without our customers' explicit consent.

  2. All information processed through our Wallet API is encrypted and protected by industry-standard security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our customers' data.

  3. We adhere to all relevant data protection laws and regulations, and our Wallet API Privacy Policy is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure compliance.

  4. We will never sell or share our customers' personal or financial information for marketing or any other purpose, except as required by law or as expressly authorized by our customers.

  5. Our customers have the right to access, correct, and delete their personal information at any time, and we will respond promptly to any requests or inquiries related to data privacy.

  6. We may collect certain non-personal information, such as device information and usage data, to improve our Wallet API services and provide a better user experience.

  7. Our Wallet API Privacy Policy applies to all users of our services, including merchants and developers who integrate our Wallet API into their own applications.

  8. We may use cookies or other tracking technologies to collect certain information about our users' browsing behavior or preferences, but this information is always anonymized and aggregated to protect user privacy.

  9. By using our Wallet API services, users consent to the terms of our Wallet API Privacy Policy and agree to be bound by its provisions.

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Creating seamless sales experiences across the globe.

©2023 TRADE Tech, LLC

Creating seamless sales experiences across the globe.

©2023 TRADE Tech, LLC

Creating seamless sales experiences across the globe.